Talk To Yourself Nicely!

Have you convinced yourself that your goal is possible yet? I know there was another email about this, but repetition will help to convince you.

You may read this and think, “yes I know, it’s possible,” but it’s really worth the effort to sit down with your goal and convince yourself that it’s possible for you. If you currently earn $10,000 a year and you want to earn a million instead, it’s possible. The most difficult part is convincing yourself that you can do it.

You know how to do this. We’ve discussed training your subconscious mind. It’s easy, but it takes effort every single day. It’s worth everything you want out of life.

Einstein said, “it takes 17 positive inputs to correct 1 negative one.” Keep getting positive reinforcement as often as you can, and most importantly, give it to yourself. The more you believe it’s possible, the more self-imposed barriers you remove…and then what’s going to be able to stop you? – Irrational Living – Reblogged