The largest-isis-pounding-yet-just-took-place-and-could-be-heard-from-40-miles-away

Only hours ago, ISIS took the largest pounding yet in the nine months of coalition strikes, and it’s said that people as far away as almost 40 miles could hear the bombing! The target was a vehicle born improvised explosive device (VBIED) plant, where trucks and tanks and various passenger vehicles were pummeled. A numerous amount of Jihadists were sent to meet with their 72 virgins, bringing the known number of those scumbags who don’t eat bacon up to 10,000!

The strikes took place in the Iraq city of Hawijha, and were said to have basically leveled everything in site. This was as close to a nuclear bombing escapade as you can get without actually going nuclear. The only thing left was twisted metal, rubble, and dust.

The extremists have taken over a dam in the local area and are using water as a weapon. They are shutting off the clean water supply to peasants living downstream of the dam, in the hopes that they will flee their villages, allowing ISIS to walk in relatively uncontested and take over more territory.

For more information on how ISIS is using water as a weapon, check out this quick clip.