Visualize And Motivate Yourself

Motivation is so important because it keeps you focused on your goals and helps you to work toward them every day. That’s why daily motivation is critical.

I usually listen to at least one motivational CD every day, and I wouldn’t give up that half hour for anything. I also sit for a half hour in silence and think about nothing but how to accomplish my goals. And ten minutes before bed are spent visualizing myself having everything I want in life.

In total that’s an hour and ten minutes. These are the most valuable parts of my day, barring time with family, my girlfriend, or friends. If someone offered me $100,000/year to stop spending these 70 minutes like this, I wouldn’t take it.

I highly suggest you get into these habits. Daily motivation, writing your thoughts for 30 minutes a day, and a short period of visualization. They quickly change your outlook on life, get your thoughts organized, and keep you energized to keep pushing for what you want – Irrational Living, LLC