How To Accomplish Your Goal

We know from everyday life that when things are planned, they run much more smoothly. So why not plan how you will work toward your goals each day?

There is a story about a consultant who was called on by a business, and asked to help them with productivity. The consultant went to the manager and said, “tonight before you leave, write down the five most important things you need to do tomorrow. Then arrange them in importance. Tomorrow when you come in, start on number one and don’t move to number two until you finish. Keep moving through the list like this. If you can’t finish the five things like this, you couldn’t have done it any other way, so just move the leftover pieces to tomorrow.”

Supposedly the consultant asked the manager to try it out and pay him what he thought it was worth after a month or so, and the manager sent him a check for $25,000 for about a half hour of his time.

This strategy is highly effective for everyone. It can be used at work, school, starting a business, cleaning the house, etc. And it increases productivity and efficiency greatly. Great accomplishments are made up of a bunch of much smaller ones. Take the big ones step by step. – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC