Keep Other People In Mind

There’s something to be said about living your life for other people. Of course, it’s yours to live and to enjoy, but far too many people live a life that’s too close to themselves.

Try making it a point to do just one thing for someone else that you normally wouldn’t do. Pay for a coffee for the person behind you in line, or help someone carry something to their car, or be the person to stop next to a car that’s pulled over with its hazards on and ask if the people inside need help.

When you become a little less selfish, the world transforms for you. It takes on new meaning. It will train your subconscious to look for opportunities to be helpful and to reach out, and in turn it will look for those qualities in other people as well. When you look for something, you find it, every single time. So look for warmth.

Apply this, also, to your career. Work for other people instead of for money. Remember, you get paid for your service, not for your time. Work with the intention of providing service to others and your job will take on new meaning as well – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC