Stick With What You Know And Enjoy

Russell Conwell relays a story called “Acres of Diamonds,” in which an African farmer leaves his acres in Africa in search of diamond mines, which were popping up all over Africa at the time. He searched for years and finally killed himself in a “fit of despondency.”

The farmer who bought his acres, the ones he sold to go look for diamonds, turned out to be one of the largest diamond mines on the continent. And it was a true story.

The lesson here is that you should figure out what you want to do in life, and stick with it long enough to figure it out. Explore all of the possibilities that career has to offer. Expand what you think you can do with it by sitting for a half hour a day and writing down ideas about what you could do to further the service you provide.

Don’t jump around trying to find something better. Figure out how to make yourself better in your present situation.

I’ve spoken to a handful of people who just want to find that one thing that will take off and earn them a big income. This isn’t the way to go about it. That would be the equivalent of selling your diamond mine and going to look for diamonds elsewhere. Stick with what you know and enjoy. You can turn any hobby or interest into an amazing career. If you’re just looking for a get-rich-quick idea, let me know and I’ll buy the acre of diamonds you left behind to find it – IRRATIONAL LIVING.LLC