Success Is Everyday: Learning To Take Opportunities

Regardless of what it is you’re working toward, it requires constant attention and work from you. The law of attraction will help you uncover the opportunities you hadn’t seen before, but if you don’t take those opportunities, then it’s not helpful at all to see them.

Success requires action. You have to see the opportunities and act on them to make any sort of difference in your life. Otherwise, you’re the person who can read but doesn’t. And the old saying is, the person who can read but doesn’t is no better than the person who can’t read at all.

So focus every day on seeing the opportunities to get where you want to go, and promise yourself that you’ll take at least one opportunity every single day. This will accustom you to working and acting, and soon you’ll be trained not to waste any opportunity. That’s when you’ll see unparalleled success – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC – Reblogged