Run From The Status Quo!

It’s a terrible thing. It’s a limitation for all of us.

Something tells us we should work a specific amount until a specific age, tells us how to do our jobs, and when, and why, when to learn and when to stop learning, what to feel when we are presented with opportunities, how to live our lives.

I think we can change that. Humans are powerful, and we have the unparalleled ability to look at something as it is, and make it into something else. We can all do that.

So think about the status quo in your life. Think about the limitations you think you have. There is something telling you how to live your life, and I think it’s time you stop listening. We can always do more, provide more service to people. Maybe your particular job won’t allow for it, but a job takes up only about 40 hours a week. There’s always something more you could be doing, and if it means living your life how you want to live it, isn’t it worth it?

If you can rid of all of the preconceptions you have about your life and make your own conclusions, I guarantee you will live a much more successful life. First off, stop believing that some people are just destined for greatness and others aren’t. No one is born successful, so anyone can become successful. You can get everything you want in life…anything at all, as long as you are willing to learn how, and then do the work required. Stop imposing limitations on yourself.