Solving Your Own Problems

There’s something standing in your way of your success. It might be something tiny, or extremely large. Either way, you’ve got to move it.

The problem is, you don’t know what it is. So sit, and think about it. Is it your work ethic? Your commitment? Do you not know what you really want to do in life? Do you procrastinate? Do you get distracted?

Notice how none of these things are external. You don’t have access to change what is outside of yourself, so change yourself instead. Maybe you’re not looking at things in the best way possible. Maybe you’re not looking at all. Maybe you are looking but everything around you distracts you every time you get settled in.

So sit and think about the real reasons you don’t have what you want in life. If you start thinking, “well, I don’t get paid enough,” that’s bad. That’s external. Instead think, “I don’t work hard enough, or smart enough.” Then fix it! Every problem that you believe is external can be reduced to an internal one. If you write down all of your problems and you realize they solutions are outside of your control, you’re looking at them in the wrong way. Internalize them and figure out what YOU are doing incorrectly. That’s step one. Then figure out how YOU can change in order to solve the problem.

Figuring out YOUR problem is the first step to moving the mountain that might be in front of you. Jim Rohn said, “don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” So fix yourself…and you’ll notice that every problem you can think of gets fixed in the process – IRRATIONAL LIVING, LLC