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‘BATTERED’ Tinubu breaks silence about emergence SARAKI as Senate President


Shocked, disappointed and battered by the outcome of the national assembly election result, which saw both his anointed and party’s ousted, the national leader of of ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has reacted, saying he will not recognize the newly elected President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki.

According to report, the outcome of the in-house election that produced Senator Bukola Saraki of APC as the Senate President today, has reportedly heightened the feud between Senator Bola Ahmed inubu and the newly elected Senate President, Saraki; as the former vowed never to recognise Saraki as the gavel handler and landlord in the house.

In a statement made by owner of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu shortly after the election, he was quoted to have said, “I will never recognise such a kangaroo arrangement that produced Bukola as the Senate President.

“Or how do you want me to recognise a man who deliberately defied his own party because of his personal interest? It is not done anywhere.

“Therefore, recognising Bukola as the Senate President after all he had done to our party today, having gone against the wish and pattern of our great party, honestly will amount to
endorsing impunity, and wish you should all know I will not.”

He further described Senator Bukola Saraki’s victory as not worthwhile. Adding that, the emulsion of the victory cannot pale into insignificance the interest of the All Progressive
Congress, APC, as the ruling party.

“For me to recognise Senator Bukola as the Senate President, he must show remorse for today’s action. He had earlier promised to defy the party and the deed has been done. You don’t do that in politics.

“Personal interest must not override that of the party that beget you. It’s a spoken and silent rule of the game, which all and sundry must abide with.

“I’m not God, but as far as this party is concerned, I’m a leader and I know what is good for the party at the appropriate time.

“Speaking now is not for the party, but for myself. I cannot recognise Bukola as the Senate President.”




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