Why Finding Your Passion Work

What do you want out of life? Something specific. A vacation home? A nicer car? Double your income? A happier marriage? More fulfillment? A job you enjoy?

More importantly, why do you want it? There’s probably some selfless reason why you want something that seems like a selfish desire. Think about it. What sort of happiness would it bring you and other people in your life?

Try working toward that. Because we’re much better at working toward a “why” than a “what.” A “why” pulls us forward constantly. A “what” pushes us, but only so far.

This is one reason why people can watch Steve Jobs’ commencement address, or listen to Tony Robbins’ seminars, and still not progress toward what they want in life. They are setting themselves up to be pushed along. Motivation and inspiration can only get us so far, because eventually we will learn to resist what is pushing us along. Instead, we have to find something we are so passionate about that we can’t bring ourselves to stop progressing toward it. Find what you will be pulled by and then you won’t need anything to push you along (but you might as well come back here and get a boost!) – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC