Man Stumbles Onto Bags Homeless Man Left, Looks Inside and Calls the Cops

Good Samaritans are a rare breed these days, but if you ask a Florida homeless man who lost a large sum of money, they definitely still exist.

The homeless man, who only identifies himself as Joe, had inherited a whopping $12,000 from a deceased family member, according to Broward County Detective Danny Mursell. After taking a trip to Wells Fargo bank and withdrawing $10,000, natrually, he went shopping for new clothes.

After his shopping trip, Joe left his bags by a bus bench on the beach and went about his day. Unfortunately, he also left $9,500 in cash between two envelopes, but luckily for him, two good-hearted people stumbled across Joe’s windfall and turned it into the local police station the next morning.

John Harbett, who was on volunteer beach patrol, was combing the beach looking for turtle hatchlings when he came upon an envelope that contained $3,900. He dropped it off at the Lauderdale-by-the-Sea police substation later that morning.

Not long after Harbett found the envelope, Deputy Ben Koos found Joe’s plastic shopping bags that contained an envelope with the remaining cash.

“We obviously put two and two together and everything was in one location for a total of $9,500,” Detective Mursell said.

Lucky for Joe, inside one of the shopping bags was a receipt from a Coral Ridge mall clothing store, so detectives used the lead to obtain surveillance footage from the store and were able to visually identify Joe.

The next trick was finding him.

After several deputies and detectives spent days searching the area for the homeless man, Mursell ran into Joe in an unexpected place, purely by chance.

“For a completely different reason, I was downtown in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and I looked over and he was standing there drinking a cup of coffee in front of me,” Mursell said. “He wasn’t sure about how to go about getting his property back.”

After confirming with Wells Fargo bank officials that the money rightfully belonged to Joe, they deposited it back into his account (H/T Opposing Views).

Needless to say, Joe was a very happy man. He assumed after he left his bags behind that the money was simply gone. Little did he know he had an entire police department working to find him to return it.

Joe told Mursell that he planned on using part of the money to relocate to Pennsylvania to be with his family.

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Source: Conservative Tribune