How Sudan Blackmailed South Africa into Letting President Al-Bashir Return Home

Sudan reportedly held about 1,400 South African soldiers hostage in order to secure President Omar Al-Bashir’s return home from the African Union Summit in South Africa. 

  1. omar bashir.jpg South African soldiers in Kutum, Sudan in 2011. (Albert Gonzalez Farran, Netwerk24 via Unamid)

    Johannesburg – The Sudanese government of president Omar al-Bashir literally held a gun to South Africa’s head to secure his safe return to Khartoum.

    Netwerk24 can reveal that about 1 400 South African soldiers in Darfur were held “hostage” by Sudanese troops when the drama around Al-Bashir’s possible arrest in South Africa escalated.

    According to military experts, this effectively means Sudan blackmailed South Africa and the soldiers’ lives served as a guarantee for Al-Bashir’s safe return.

    Only after Al-Bashir safely touched down in Khartoum on Monday, were Sudanese troops withdrawn. President Jacob Zuma is the commander-in-chief of the defence force.

Source: Network24/NB