Power to Stop Boko Haram Lies in the North and in the Hands of Muslims -Gen Gumi

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    According to LEADERSHIP, Gumi made the disclosure while via a piece titled, ‘How To Break Boko Haram II’. The retired general said he said he is informed by the fact that ”Muslims were hitherto designated as the main complainants/victims of the insurgency and, by extension, the entire Northern Nigeria which formed the battleground.”

    ”It is erroneous for the Northern establishments to rely fully on the government or the National Assembly for all initiatives needed to prosecute the BH (Boko Haram) insurgency. They (North) should bear in mind that no federal body is structured to either project the North, faith, regional-based entity or targeted situations. The North, being directly devastated by the insurgency as ground zero, needs to design its peculiar defence mechanisms common or suitable to its heritage.

    ”This would fill in survival gaps or at the least improve its disposition as to compel the constituted federal structure to be alive to its responsibilities whenever its social fabrics are threatened. The attitude to wait for an election year before action would amount to accepting the kind of casualties and losses realized within the period for the democracy we have chosen for ourselves”.

    ”Apathy and total reliance on government structures for all obligations, checks and balances turn silly a critique as to deserve no ears of a serious responder. The law itself, after all, does not rise up to the indolent.

    ”It behoves on ‘the Cloaked one,’ the waiting to be fed, the victim, every Muslim, group of Muslims and Christians of the North who insist that the situation must change, to come out and isolate himself/themselves from the violent ideology that sets itself on war path with fellow countrymen.”

    Gumi, who is the son of the revered late Grand Khadi of Northern Nigeria, Sheik Abubakar Gumi, and brother of Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Sheikh Mahmud Gumi – Metro News