Two Questions You Need To Answer

There is something you should be doing with your life, and, based on statistics, you’re not doing it. Far too many people do things with their lives that they don’t want to do. Life should make you happy!

So, first thought, and I’m certain you’ve heard this before: if you had unlimited money, what would you spend your time doing? If you think “nothing,” you’re wrong…it’s tempting to answer with that, but you would get way too bored. Work could be enjoyable, so what do you enjoy doing? Whatever it is, you should be doing that for a living. It’s possible. So figure out how.

Second thought. This one isn’t something most people like to think about: you go to the doctor, have a test, and he comes back in and says, “you’re going to die.” What’s your immediate reaction? What do you have in you that you haven’t done yet? What do you want to accomplish?

The thing is, the doctor didn’t say when. You are most certainly going to die. That’s pretty much a given (and if it’s not, call me…I can make you very rich). We all live our lives without a sense of death because it scares us, but honestly we could all die tomorrow. The saying, “you should live each day as if it’s your last,” should end with, “because it could be.”

As Les Brown says, “live full, die empty.” – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC