Why You Should Learn Something New Today

Humans naturally find delight in growth. We are happiest and feel most productive when we are learning something new: acquiring a new skill, starting a new hobby, even something as simple as reading a book.

We enjoy the feeling we get from learning. So, it confused me recently when I thought about how much we learn in our lives. We go to school for at least 13 years, add four for undergrad, 2 for grad school, and 5-7 for PhD if you got it. But at least 13 years of learning every single day, and then most people stop.

They go on to take jobs where they have new opportunities to learn, but often don’t. Why not? What could you be learning about your job? Or about yourself or your life? Or your relationships? Learn how to improve things you want to improve. You’ll not only…well, improve, but you’ll also feel that feeling of accomplishment and progression we get from learning and expanding.

I’ve also thought quite a bit about the evolutionary reasons why we enjoy growth and progression so much, and it makes perfect sense. The more we advance, the better chance we have of surviving. You can apply this correlation to today’s world as well. The more you learn and acquire knowledge, the more readily you can handle life and everything in it. Knowledge is power – IRRATIONAL LIVING