Never Stop Learning

The ability to accrue new knowledge is really what makes us human and separates us from other animals. Without this ability, and the ability to record and pass down information, we would live in no better conditions than wild animals.

I heard a really cool thing the other day. Man started out as most other animals, but slowly started gaining more and more knowledge. As the demand for new knowledge increased, the size of women’s hips actually increased as well, to accommodate for larger heads during childbirth (this is actually true). But humans got to the point where they acquired and required so much knowledge that women’s hips got to the tipping point, where they would no longer be efficient for walking, running, etc. And this is when humans created writing and books, so we could hold knowledge outside of ourselves (this is not true, but it’s a cool thought).

Anyway, humans love learning. You may think you don’t because of school, but school doesn’t usually teach you anything. You learn to remember things in school, and possibly learn how to learn. Think about the last time you learned something new: a new skill, a new person in a relationship, a new hobby. It was probably fun, because we naturally love to learn. That’s what makes us human: being able to learn and adapt.

So, why is it that we finish school, get a job, and cease all learning? I believe this is why people hate their jobs or get divorced (okay, not always): they stop learning. I think instead of television and social media, we should all learn. Learn to cook, or how to play piano, or learn about another country, or learn a new language, or anything really. You’ll feel better about your life. Now that you’re out of middle school and high school, don’t think, “great, my learning is done.” Instead think, “now my learning can begin. Now I can learn what I actually want to learn.” – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC