Brace yourselves ladies, I bet you’ve never seen a modelling event as bizarre as what you’re about to read.

Well, a man, who owns the adult brand Autoblow has decided to launch a completely bizarre competition for ladies but this time, the modelling will be aimed at finding the world’s most beautiful vagina. Yes! You just read that.

According to Metro UK, the man who seems to be enjoying his own s’ex toys a lot in the video, wants to turn the winning genitals into a new cock-sock for men who want to enjoy their own company while imagining someone else.

The Autoblow guy uses ham to create a vagina. (Photo: Vimeo)

To qualify for the jaw-dropping competition, the contestants will be required to take a photo of their vaginas preferably with a digital camera instead of a phone with a caption, “Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest”.

The picture would then be uploaded online and then people who want to look at anonymous vaginas would vote for their favourite.

So, down to the reward, the winner will be flown out to Los Angeles to have a 3D print of the vagina.

There are also a cash reward of $5000 for the winner, the second person wins $2000 while the third person goes home with $1250.

Wow. Are you aspiring to be a top model? This is your chance to ‘Live Your Dreams.’ Oops.

source: Breaking News