hopeless haven

living in love

A reminder to those who try to question my honesty. My truth is this …I don’t receive money or compensations or any  payment over my blogging activity here in WordPress.

I’m alone here, I told  you in my blogs countless times before that I’m like Rapunzel in her  castle alone . If you think that I’m working with anyone or anybody here, why did somebody ever pay my dues or give me salary over my strenuous mental exercise here.

Does it mean  that I’ve been abused or deserve some humanity rights? I don’t know anything because, everything were veiled before my very eyes and perceptions. The more I seek for answers the more I get confused.

Don’t you know that Jesus Christ was   crucified even he is without fault or sin. He is God’s son, yet they accused    and laid  him on the cross as a prize for our sins in…

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