Garlic And Onion Are The Main Reason Why Our Ancestors Lived Up To 100 Year

WoW!!!! A combination of onion and garlic? WOW! . Ok if its for good health

Eat garlic and onions on a daily basis for maintaining your heart’s optimal health, improved immunity and preventing cancer.


Two aromatic plants that are used on a daily basis in the diet have major health benefits – garlic and onions.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It has antibacterial properties unless cooked. It needs to be consumed raw, or mashed, in order for the nutritional ingredient allicin to be released.

Garlic has strong anti-inflammatory properties. If it is a part of yours everyday diet, it can help against chronic inflammation accompanied by pain and bacterial infections.

Garlic and onions can help maintain normal cholesterol levels. They both contain high levels of sulfur, which prevents deposition of calcium and fat in the blood vessels making them passable, and improves blood circulation.

Garlic and onion have the ability to strengthen the immune system, protect against colds and flu and are excellent protectors against cancer. These vegetables’ antibacterial and antiviral compounds help the body to successfully overcome external attackers…


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