Breaking! American F-16 Fighter Jet Shot Down Over U.S. Soil!


News broke earlier of an F-16 going down over the Arizona desert. No word of what had happened, or who the pilot even was was released by the Arizona National Guard, though authorities were quick to blame the cause of the downed plane on a “leaking fuel line.”

Now, new information has leaked which may point to the likelihood that the plane was actually shot out of the sky.

Still, no information in regard to the pilot has been released by the U.S. Government. Instead, it’s been released by the Iraqi Government. That’s right; Iraq!

It appears as if the pilot who fell from the sky was an Iraqi who’d been training as a fighter pilot in the U.S. for four years. On top of this news, is the indication that a Russian made shoulder harnessed rocket launcher was found in the desert, close to where the plane fell.


Folks, war may have already started on our soil! This may be what Operation Jade Helm is truly about. As we know, our Government can hide anything they wish from us, basically through lies and disinformation, because too many of us have become sheeple who will eat whatever the powers that be regurgitate to us.

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Source: Socially Responsible News Reporting