Make the strongest ANTIBIOTIC and ANTICANCER drug at home

The desire and pursuit for natural health solutions led us to recommendations for another great recipe that you can easily make and try. It is called the “golden mixture”, a natural remedy that helps in the tight against bacteria and viral infections, allergic problems, especially seasonal. It’s a very important tool for strengthening the immune system and also a great ingredient for a prevention of cancer.

turmeric-1-500x333If all these sounds pretentious, you should look at the new scientific studies and it will become clear why the ‘golden mixture” is so powerful as indicated above. First of all, it contains two super powerful ingredients, honey and turmeric whose mixture gives the golden color.

For centuries, the honey is known as one of the best natural remedies and the same can be said for the turmeric which relates to the area of Asia, particularly China and India where it’s the basic ingredient of most natural remedies. A confirmation of this people’s experiences came recently in a series of scientific studies made out in the most prestigious research centers in the world. The turmeric and the honey, as the main ingredients of the “golden mixture“, have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anticancer properties. Unlike the chemical drugs that often have a lot of harmful side effects, the “golden mixture” is an ideal combination that has no side effects, while at the same time improves the intestinal flora and the digestion.
To prepare your own mixture, you will need:
• 100 grams of natural honey
• 1 full tablespoon of turmeric
• a pinch of black pepper
• 2 tablespoons of natural apple cider vinegar
• 1 teaspoon of finely grated lemon peel

Mix the turmeric, the pepper and the apple cider vinegar. Add to that the lemon peel and mix until all the ingredients are fully combined. If you’re not sure that the lemons are not treated with chemical fungicides and pesticides, wash them with apple cider vinegar dissolved in water or use lemon juice instead of the peel. Keep the mixture in a glass container with a lid in the refrigerator. The pepper is added to the mixture to increase the absorption of the turmeric as it has been proven scientifically and practically.


— For anticancer activity, strengthening the immune system, general health and against seasonal allergies, take one tablespoon of the ‘golden mixture” every day, preferably in the morning.
— If you feel that you are getting a cold, flu or another infection (lung, throat or a fever) take half a teaspoon of the “golden mixture” every hour of the first two days of illness, a half teaspoon every two hours of the third and the fourth day and finally, a half teaspoon three times a day in the next days until the symptoms have ceased.
It’s very important to use the mixture in a proper way. Put the mixture in your mouth and wait for it to completely dissolve without washing the mouth. Then wait a few minutes before you drink water. You can also spread the mixture onto slice of bread for breakfast or add it to warm tea to prevent destroying the positive ingredients.


Source: Jews News