Black Feminism: A Black Male Sexism & Anti-Black Racism Detox

Captivating article touching on the dehumanisation of the western world, the muslim world, some African culture etc to women. Many cultures look down on women. many look at women as part of their properties. But have the women folks helped their cause? No… The answer is plain no. Women have so cheapened up by their conduct and dressing mode. No dignity. The feminist protest, women coming out topless is not new. In African society, where African Americans originate, women march in protest naked to show seriousness of a matter. And they are taken serious. The western world may not take them serious, the focus will certainly be on their nudity rather than the message the protest intended to convey.
African American, the blacks are naturally well endured, being former slaves may not make any public impression on the white masters. In private … the black woman is a dish to be devoured.
Remain focused.

Media Diversified

blackwomenmatterBy @Femininja4q
White supremacy is one hell of a drug. But couple white supremacy and patriarchy and you enter the world of a black woman. The effects of structural racism are covered extensively; from institutions who kill black people that they’re meant to protect and serve to black people being rejected from work.

Misogyny, a product of patriarchal culture, is the reason black women are erased out when names of black victims of police brutality are listed. Not too long ago a protest was held in San Francisco to name the women, trans and cis, who have died by the hands of police. The protesters stood topless, with names and messages written on their chest. What happened next on social media? Onslaught. Name calling, from whore to slut to black bitches. People decided to disregard the message behind the protest and focus on the fact that they stood topless.


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