Breaking the bank: Angry woman rips apart cash machine with her bare hands after wrongly believing it had swallowed her card

Dramatic scene took place at a subway station in Changchun, China. Frustrated customer ripped frame off ATM believing it had swallowed card. Asked passers-by for help and shouted at machine to give back card. Woman has been taken to local mental facility for psychiatric testing

Impatience got the better of one woman in China as she ripped apart an ATM with her bare hands after she mistakenly believed it had swallowed her debit card.

The woman caused a dramatic scene at the subway in Changchun, capital of Jilin Province, where the incident took place on Thursday.

In a fit of frustration, the woman, who is unnamed, began publicly pounding the machine in an attempt to get her card back, reported People’s Daily Online.

Distressed: The woman (above) ripped apart the ATM in Changchun as she thought it had swallowed her card

Distressed: The woman (above) ripped apart the ATM in Changchun as she thought it had swallowed her card

Unbelievable: Workers at the bank were surprised that anyone could break the cash machine by hand

However, according to bank clerks, no cards were found in the ATM in Jilin province.

After pulling off the machine’s frame and revealing the receipt paper underneath, the woman became increasingly distressed and asked passers-by to help her find her card.

According to a report by China Youth Daily, although several people called the police for help, one man cruelly tricked the woman into shouting at the ATM in the hope that it would give her card back.

Surveillance footage shows that the whole incident lasted around 10 minutes.

A member of staff at the ATM’s bank, which has not been named by media, has expressed surprise that anyone could rip off the front of the machine.

Tricked: A passer-by duped the woman into thinking that shouting at the machine would get her card back

Crime scene: Police later ordered the woman to go to a mental facility for psychiatric evaluation

Several people have said that the woman claimed that the same ATM had swallowed her card two months earlier and had put a number of small objects through the card slot.

Since the event, the woman has been taken to a local mental facility after police ordered that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

A similar incident took place last year, when a woman tore apart a machine in Dongguan in the Chinese province of Guandong.

In this case, a spokesperson for the shopping centre in which the event took place, said that it may have been possible for the woman to dismantle the machine because it had been in service for a long time.