EDITORIAL: Between Buhari and Jonathan, the hypocrisy of foreign and local media  

Prior to the 2015 presidential elections, the international media had been inanely critical of the Goodluck Jonathan administration. It accused him of supporting corruption, violating human rights and being lax in the fight against the deadly Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

When Jonathan postponed the elections for six weeks in a bid to carry out a sustained and coordinated attack on Boko Haram, the international media, supported by several world governments, accused him of sinister plans to thwart Nigerians’ rights. They predicted a disintegration of the country.

Even reports that tried to appear positive, citing mitigating external factors that had influenced the situation in Nigeria, still carried a tone of thinly veiled cynicism.

As the election ended with President Muhammadu Buhari emerging as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, the tone of international media reports changed to one of hope and optimism for Nigeria.

Three weeks since President Buhari’s inauguration, the Boko Haram that was near extinction at the tail end of Jonathan’s administration, has amped up its attacks with renewed fervour; yet the international media reports are still positive about President Buhari and his Government.

Different opinions and editorials from leading international media have been full of praises for President Buhari, despite the fact that President Buhari is yet to lift a finger since assumption of office.

The Economist has predicted a bright future for Nigeria, despite the fact that Buhari and his All Progressives Congress, APC-led administration has not given Nigerians a policy direction for the economy.

This has seen inflation rate go up, the prices of food increase and economic activities stunted.

Even with all these inactions that have seen President Buhari’s “misguided brothers” take the lives of over 200 Nigerians since President Buhari came into office, the international media remains eerily silent.

CNN has not done a feature piece telling the world how the Nigerian Government has been inactive while hundreds are being slaughtered as it was known to do during the Jonathan administration. BBC has not brought out condescending analyses on the inevitable demise of Nigeria under President Buhari, with the death of so many.

Washington Post and the New York Times have not written scathing editorials blasting President Buhari and his administration for their perceived “cluelessness.”

Three weeks on, the President has not picked a cabinet, leaving the country in a state of limbo, stuck with everything dancing to the whim and caprices of chance.

Even the local media have been following the lead of international media, and have kept mum on these pressing issues that President Buhari has been ignoring for the past three weeks.

It is time for the media to cease and desist from their shared hypocrisy, and tell the current administration the true state of things so President Buhari and the APC can wake up from the honeymoon they think they are enjoying.

Source: Post Nigeria

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