Man walks in on wife cheating, records the act and posts it to the Internet… 

A husband was devastated when he walked into his house to find his wife in their bed with another man.

The husband grabbed his camera and recorded them.

The other man was seen running out of the house, while the woman sat on the bed without her clothes.

The husband got revenge against his cheating wife by posting the video of her cheating to YouTube and other online video sites.

“This will go on the internet, and wait until your mother and sister see it,” the husband was heard telling his wife.

The woman begged him not to do so, but her husband was not budging.

The husband then vented his frustration about his wife being lazy and getting nothing done around the house.

“Nothing gets done around here, beds are never made, there is nothing to eat in the refrigerator,” he said.

“I always wonder what you do with your time, and I caught you. I busted you,” he added.

The husband then told his wife that he will be sending the video to his attorney, and that she should get up and pack her belongings.

Source: Red Flag

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