Kano Extends Environmental Sanitation To Sunday!!!?

Dear Readers, I saw this post on facebook. I cant confirm his source of information. All the same it is a disturbing piece of information Read what the message has to say below.

Of All The Muslims In The Country, They Chose The One That Was The Symbol Of Islamism…. As Kano extends environmental sanitation to Sunday To Stop Christians From Going To Church.

I am not even going to say much. I will just enumerate

1. Boko haram now bombing Niger

2. DSS (SSS) that has been investigating Boko Haram under attack from Buhari.

3. prisons decongested… Which in truth is many arrested Boko Haram freed

4. Romantic reference to Boko Haram ” our misguided brothers”

5. 9 people sentenced to die for mere speech purported to be against Allah and his prophet

6. Zero number of Boko Haram enclave taken since Buhari entered by the army

7. Lowest number of Boko haram killed since Yar Adua’s government

8. Over 600 dead from Boko Haram attack since Buhari entered

9. Fuel Tanker deaths suspected to be Boko Haram activities and they are happening at record level since Buhari took power.

10. Since Buhari took power, death death death everywhere.

Let us wait and see the next move by another fundamentalist. Their symbol and negotiator and empowerer is president. Allah Akbar, sorry, Sai Buhari.

Ena Ofugara's photo.
Credit: facebook @ Ena Ofugara