5 Lessons I’ve Learned from People Who Stare at My Daughter

May the divine love as expressed see you through. The Lord is your strength


We knew after our 20-week ultrasound our soon-to-be daughter would have many health issues, but we pressed on.

There were many questions of if there was cleft palate or cleft lip, as well as if her eyes would be wider or nose flatter. We knew to prepare ourselves ahead of time for the questions and stares. We stared ourselves, getting familiar with the intricately woven fabric of her face. Her slightly slanted eyes were wider than most. Her small nose was open on one side due to her cleft palate. She has a wider set chin and neck.

But she was ours and she’s perfect, and we’d tell the world about her and we would be fearless in sharing and teaching others about our daughter.

It was when I took her to our local hospital for labs with her home health nurse that the stares began. I distinctly remember a…

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  1. I saw where you wrote about the girl who came out of a coma after the chiropractor prayed for her. please tell her to get the essential oil from young living called brain power, she can put it on her brain stem, inhale it or put it on her toes and massage the toes [reflexology] to stimulate her brain into recovering further. you can call me with questions 704 795 9552. thanks, Cathy

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