Buhari promises to improve power supply

Steward Godwin Jornsen posted the comment below on his facebook page while directing readers to the main story link by PUNCH.

This comment makes sense. I see the Buhari government as a dishonest or to put it another way, proud, who wants to cease the slightest opportunity to paint the Jonathan government as worthless, corrupt and non achievers. Nigerians are not fools. The Jonathan government did so much given that he Buhari and his gangs did every inconceivable things to make the country ungovernable. History shall justify the just. Before jonathan took the bulls by the horns to kickstart the mambilla hydroelectric project. Successive administrations had overlooked this project for over 30 years or more. President Buhari, be statemanly enough to give credit where necessary. Nigerians are no fools. Jonathan’s power projects are dotted all over the country for all to see and most are near completion.

Buhari promises to improve power supply
(PUNCH JUNE 29, 2015)

Meanwhile, his followers are going around town speaking of the current power improvement is his achievement and yet we see no ministry of power of active ministry of power. We’ve reminded them that they cannot blind us to the good works of the past government. What we have so far are PROMISES PILED ON PROMISES. We understand the need to keep raising the hopes of Nigerians and attacking same people for having so high a hope. Someone isn’t skillful in the art of mind management. So please, while the are cleaning up to get started, stop the false pretense and selfish act of trying to take someone else’s glory. It’s bad.

AND FOR THE RECORD: GEJ has already started most of these projects. Buhari’s work is to see that they are completed effectively and deployed for use. That hasn’t started yet. And that is what he needs to tell us. Playing around with words would only work on dumb people. Some of us have long broken off that spell.


Steward Godwin Jornsen's photo.
Steward Godwin Jornsen's photo.
Steward Godwin Jornsen's photo.
Steward Godwin Jornsen's photo.
Credit: facebook @Steward Godwin Jornsen