‘Dame Patience’s ADC Assassinated Because of The Secrets He Knew’

Can this be true????

Read and form your opinion. This is subject to so many theories.

According to Leadership, the assassination of former first lady Patience Jonathan’s ex-security aide had to do with his previous job with the presidency.

DSP Tamuno Igbomie, was shot death last Friday by unknown assailants with all his personal effects intact.


Igbomie, an indigene of Okrika in Rivers State, was a very influential player during the days of the political campaigning for the last election and must have incurred the wrath of many people who crossed the part of the first lady.

“The killing cannot be unconnected with his previous appointment as the PSO to our former president wife. They have started killing people who knew about their dirty deals. It shows that more people close to the former president should watch their backs. Those people act like mafia and they will go to any length to have their way,” a source said.

Another source averred that Igbomie may have been engaged in some deals while acting as security aide and the people may have come for a payback.

“Jacob might know something that could implicate some persons at the probe panel that i about to be constituted. He might have picked up some implicating evidence against some powerful people when he was very close to power. He could have done some deals with them which they feel might implicate them.

Source:Nigerian Bulletin