If this is true, then we are in big trouble in this country. Ok, are the assets amde made in anticipation of a proposed loot?
From whatever angle one looks at it, this is not a good news or rumour?
Who amongst these politicians is free of corruption, 40 mansions in Abuja? No, na lie!!!!.
What are all the noise about the PDP being corrupt?
Something very drastic has to be done.
The wealth of this country are in the hands of very few, while million of Nigerians are suffering. I doubt if the President will have the will to fight corruption as professed if all the cards are laid on his table. But he has to fight the fight to save this country. 40 mansion? The money used to acquire these mansions would have built many industries that can engage thousands of unemployed youths and by extension millions of people stands to benefit> My Dear Governor, you have just lost a very big fan of yours. Proceeds from the 40 mansions goes directly to you without any person benefiting from these monies. I cry for this country.
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Uneasy Calm Pervades Kaduna Following Declaration Of N90 Billion Assets By The Governor

Kaduna Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has declared his asset. He is worth N90 billion. The governor’s assets declaration came as a big shock to most Kaduna residents yesterday as he allegedly declared ownership of 40 mansions, most of which are located in Abuja. Kaduna State Director Code of Conduct Bureau, George
David, however, declined to comment when contacted.

He said the law on asset declaration permitted public office holders not to make their asset declaration public. The director however disclosed that asset declaration by El- Rufai and his Deputy were made long before yesterday.

According to him, any further information concerning the amount and assets involved in the declaration form, could only be enquired from Abuja headquarter of the Bureau.

Governor El-Rufai’s Adviser on Media and Communication, Muyiwa Adekeye, confirmed that the governor had declared his assets but promised to get back to journalists with details. As at press time, he never did.