How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction states that we can attract the things we want by simply thinking about them: more money, better relationships, happiness, knowledge…anything. It’s a law that is in action all around us, all the time. I’m sure you can think of several examples immediately. Someone says, “with my luck, I won’t be able to ___,” and then they aren’t. Or someone hands a child a drink and says, “don’t spill this,” and they do.

It happens all around us all the time. It happens with negative things, but only because we tend to think negative things more often. If you switch your thinking to a more positive mode, you’ll find that the law of attraction works just as well for positive things that you WANT to attract. Either way, “we become what we think about.”

Why? I’ve boiled this argument down to its most fundamental constituents, and I’ve put it all into my book and CD, “Your Subconscious Mind Is Listening.” Buy these above, or email me at for free copies. Go on, email me. You really need to have these things in your possession!

The main point is that the opportunities to have everything we want in life are all around us all the time…we just don’t see them. When we think about one thing, we begin to see the opportunities, and then it’s only a matter of taking them.

It seems mystical, but it has worked in so many people’s lives: Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Dwayne Johnson, Earl Nightingale, Arnold Schwarzenegger…the list goes on and on. So why not give it a shot in your life?

What do you want? Everyone wants something. Start using the law of attraction to visualize, in great detail, already having what you want. Imagine the feelings and thoughts you’ll have when you reach your goal, whatever it may be. Take about 10 minutes and visualize reaching your destination as vividly as you can. You’ll start to feel different about them, and likely yourself. This is good. It means it’s working – IRRATIONAL LIVING, LLC