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People are Staking Obama after this Shocking Admission of ISIS Leader Claiming They are Being Funded by Obama and The United States

If this is true can you imagine the implications…

I am kind of confused!!!

If all these stories coming out are true, what are the people of USA still waiting to take immediate actions to take out this leader who has succeeded in creating crisis in the world.

If it is indeed true, muslims, christian, blacks , whites, Asians, Middle East, East Europe should rise up and put a final stop to a man who parades the world as a sheep but in truth, a devil incarnate.

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  • Top Commenter · Engineer Officer at Ratings in the Merchant Navy

    The worst enemy of a nation is the very leader rwho betrays his Oath of Office, by committing high Treason!
  • Marie Sorrells · Iowa Falls, Iowa

    I’ve been tellin people that our money’s been going to the terrorist by the Muslim in the whitehouse! He’s letting them in through Mexico border also!
    • Susan Durrenberger · Top Commenter · UConn

      When is this country going to retaliate? They need to be deported and OB needs to go up on Treason charges.
  • Donna Mabry · Top Commenter · Just as a house wife at As a housewife and a mother

    Many people knew that for a long time.That’s why he won’t do that much to stop them. I say forget the fake president and have the military blow there ass’s up . When fighting Obama. do as Obama doe. Hejuist does enough to make people think he’s doing somethings. He’s one jerk
    • Max Robins · Top Commenter · Emerson College

      Robert Lipscomb Her reply would be, “Coherent thought? What’s a coherent thought?”
    • Donna Mabry · Top Commenter · Just as a house wife at As a housewife and a mother

      Robert Lipscomb When was the last time you had your head out of Obama’s ass I don’t think you can think straight. FACT….. He’s trying to force Islamic teaching in the schools. FACT…… We are suppose to take down our flags because it offends the Muslims. Fact Some resturants had to take down their bacon signs it offends the Muslims. FACT …Americans are offended how Obamass treats the soldiers and vets . NO RESPECT AT ALL. My grandson was in the marines and a bunch of them went to get breakfast. They were informed they wouldn’t be eating breakfast anymore, and these are the men putting their life on the line. You can deny it all you want ,he has committed treason several times. Fact…. He gives more money to the Muslim than he does the Americans.Who the hell would not want to get rid of all the ISIS people except dip shit. When they make it here and your head is bent over waiting to get it wacked off,REMEMBER WHAT I SAID ABOUT OBAMA. OBAMA WILL SIT THERE AND TELL YOU HE DOESN’T NEED THE CONSTITUTION,AND HOW MANY TIMES DID HE NOT USE IT. THAT’S CALLED TREASON. SINCE YOU BELIEVE OBAMA’S SO GREAT.,I HAVE BRIDGE FOR SALE.

    Video Credit: JWTube.tv



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