Bomb Scare In Jos: Bomb Found in a Drinking Joint

PLATEAU: A confirmed source told of how a shop owner found a bomb planted in a joint located around Hill station Hotel junction, Jos.

The Joint owner, name withheld, is a woman.

On Friday, 3rd of July, in the evening, they stumbled on a strange bag kept on a shelve in the store. Upon enquiry, nobody claimed ownership of the bag. .

Uncertain of the bag’s content, it was quickly removed and the bag and kept under a tree and went ahead with the business of the nite., Though, suspecting it to be a dangerous object. He quickly rushed back to the scene the next morning and immediately contacted the Police bomb Squad who came, confirmed that it was actually a bomb.

They immediately cordoned off the place, ordered out all human out of the area and closed every business activities in the area. The whole area was thoroughly screened by the bomb squad for other likely bombs.