Same Sex Marriage in USA: Read What Mugabe Just Told Obama

Following the legalization of gay marriage across America by the Supreme Court last week, Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, who is known for his extreme anti-gay views has been making headlines. Earlier this week was a marriage proposal to president Obama and yesterday, he allegedly said what you see below during another interview;

“Even satan wasn’t Gay, he chose to approach naked Eve instead of naked Adam.” – President, Mugabe on homo sexuality.

 Some of the Comments made from the original Story are of interesting reading, Check them out below:

  1. Anonymous

    Smart Man. Maybe he can teach little man obama something

  2. Lol…now that’s something u never think about, it can only take #Robert to give u that image….kikikiki eish #Rob

  3. God confirms “The seed of serpent” in the month of MUGABE

  4. Anonymous

    its bibilcal !!! Mugabe is right.America is heading sodom and gomorrah

  5. Anonymous

    the greatest president

  6. Anonymous

    Spot on uncle Bob! Even the devil himself sometimes just watches some of these things in shock

  7. final statement buttress with a clear understanding to diminish all odds.

  8. Anonymous

    Even our “Ette”(Old Man) in his political Kingdom in Zimbabwe Have good counsel for those whose much learning has made MAD. If satan was not gay what claim do his followers have for their Acts. satan is therefore not to Blame-HOW WOULD THEY ESCAPE THE DAMNATION. God had promised to make them REPROBATES. GOD KEEPS HIS WORDS- Frankwill

  9. Truth shall be spoken, and heard to all four corners of the world

  10. Anonymous

    There goes the wise man……..Hear you or heavens and earth

  11. Anonymous

    The TRUTH truly comes only in ONE shape.

  12. Anonymous

    Err Mr Mugabi..Just over 2,000 years ago God and Jesus had a private meeting and Lucifer was not included. Lucifer became jealous. He set out on a campaign to prove that he was above Jesus. Lucifer began to be proud of his own glory and wisdom so God threw him outta heaven and he decided to leave Gods company and form an opposition to Heaven which is commonly known as Hell. MY POINT BEING 1. Satan (Lucifer) wasn’t born at the time of Adam and Eve and 2. Satan being the nasty piece of work he is will shag anything especially bums of men and goats lol.

  13. Anonymous

    Satan was not around at the time of Adam and Eve and he would F@@K anything. Wildly innacurate Mr Mugabe bordering on the ignorant and stupid.