BREAKING: Scores die in Mosque and Eatery from gun and bomb attack in Jos, Plateau State.

Score of muslim worshipper died as a result of shooting and bomb attack in and outside Izala Mosque, located in Dilimi, Jos, This happened at about 9.00 pm last nite, Sunday, 5th of July. Muslims who were observing prayers were first attacked  by gun men and at the same time releasing improvised explosives, scores of people reciting the Holy Koran were either killed or injured.

In a related development, a similar incident was reported at the same time along Bauchi road. This time, their target were people eating in a popular Hajia joint near the Bauchi Road Motor Park, Jos. A bomb was released and score of people died and injured.

No body has yet claimed responsibilty for these attacks. Recall that a bomb was reportedly found at a drinking joint last weekend

More details will follow later

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