I’m The Everlasting Know-It-All and Nobody Comes to Visit

Lol…. A day filled up with activities, dreams and self scrutiny……Ha, Ha, ha!!!

Henry West

That’s okay cause I’ll find my enemies online

Sitting in my bunker, high, below the industrial wastelands of the mid-west United States.

My pius rantings fill the room

I am right until I’m not. Prove it if you can. ’cause I ain’t listenin’

“I scroll through your pages I listen to your search for understanding

I can only say you can.”

Back to my ego.

I judge from my protected society

I call into question your motives. If I cared I would already know.

My duplicitous poem is getting out of control

Bathing in my angst and panic I scream at the screens

Screens filled with doom and pornography.

Is there a relation between end of the world journalism and naked women on display? I’ma thinkin’

I hear the knee-jerkers call out everyone —-

You’re Gay! You’re a Homophobe! You’re a racist! You’re a libtard! You’re a Xenophobe! Go back…

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