Plane With 300 Passengers Crashes Into Parked Aircraft at MMIA  

  1. Nigeria – About 300 passengers on board an Emirates Boeing 777-200 flight had a close shave with death on Monday night when their flight crashed into a parked aircraft at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos.

    The incident occurred at around 9:30pm when the aircraft was taxing to the take-off point for departure from the country to Dubai.

    The wing of the Emirates aircraft, with the flight number EK782 Lagos to Dubai, brushed the tail of an Hak Air aircraft.

    Reports said the Hak Air aircraft had substantial damage to its tail.

    The checked-in passengers were thereafter evacuated from the aircraft while the management of the airline commenced damage assessment of both planes.

    It’s believed that the incident might have occurred due to the fact that the international runway, 18Left had safety issue as at the time of the incident and that the runway was not properly lit.

    Also a portion of the taxiway was already on Notice To Airmen, NOTAM, which means that aircraft were not allowed to operate to that portion of the runway, which the pilot of the aircraft allegedly ignored.

    The Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, which confirmed the incident, said it had commenced investigation to unravel the cause of the incident.

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