Arsenal Complete Crucial Addition That Could Help Us Win The Title

Arsenal have taken another step to increasing their chances of a title next season, by adding a World Cup winning member of staff to their back room. 

The Star report: ‘Irishman Barry Solan spent 10 years working with Joachim Low’s side and helped keep their stars in the best possible shape to win the World Cup in Brazil.’ Shad Forsythe, who joined the back room staff last summer will combine with Solan – the duo have already worked together for Germany and describe themselves as: “global leader for integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy”. The all sounds good doesn’t it? I think a crucial factor in us winning the title is solving that injury problem and now it looks like we are making moves in the right directions. I’ve seen reports suggesting Arsenal are one of the most un-fit teams in the league, whilst I’m not sure on the scientific nature of that statement, I do think we need to work on the conditioning and fitness of our players. Of course our main aim is to try and keep the players fit, that has been a serious reason as to why our title challenges have fallen short so often. Is Petr Cech and some back room additions enough to lead us to the title? The post Arsenal Complete Crucial Addition That Could Help Us Win The Title appeared first on Fresh Arsenal.

Source: FootballNewsNetwork