How To Believe In Your Success Leave a reply

This is a strange title. You probably think you already do believe in your success. But there are two questions you can ask yourself or anyone which will tell you exactly where they will go in life. The first is, do you want to be successful? Almost everyone will say, “of course!” Who doesn’t want success?

But the second question is, do you expect to be successful? This one draws out a different response. The people who start to say things like, “well yes, but it’s hard because I have three kids,” or “yeah, I just need that initial investment,” or “yeah but I don’t have the time.” Yeah, but. Once you hear that, count them out.

One thing I’ve realized during my research on the ultra-successful is that success in any area requires unwavering belief in oneself. Not “fair-weather faith,” but a strong, immovable belief that you will achieve what you want to achieve.

Stay positive. Live your days with an irrational belief that you will get what you want in life. Believe that your life will turn out to be exactly how you envision it, because “we become what we think about.” It doesn’t matter if you have no reason at all to believe you will get where you want to go. Believe it anyway – IRRATIONAL LIVING, LLC