No longer “Niger Delta” or “Igbo” BUT Biafra – Asari Dokubo  

No longer Niger Delta or Igbo BUT Biafra – Asari Dokubo

The Biafra struggle has received a boost as the Niger Delta Volunteer Force (NDVF) led by Alhaji Asari Dokubo, joined forces with the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) to actualise the dream.

Alhaji Dokubo announced the new alliance at the weekend during the Biafra Day celebration, organised by the leader of MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, at the Ojukwu Memorial Library and Conference in Owerri, which was attended by thousands of members of the two groups.
Dokubo and Uwazuruike assured their members at the ceremony that the actualisation of Biafra was near.
Alhaji Dokubo, who addressed the large crowd, said the South-South and the South-East no longer had Niger Delta or Igbo, but Biafra.
He assured MASSOB members that they would soon realise their dream for an independent state.
“We will soon complete the race. There is no need for you to be fatigued; the finishing line is not very far again. No power can stop our independence, our freedom is near,” he said, as the crowd went into wild jubilation.
Biafran Representatives in United States demonstrate at the White House on 3oth May Biafra Memorial
He cautioned the new government of General Muhammadu Buhari on any attempt to arrest any freedom fighter in the country.
He advised the new President to rather, concentrate on his election promises, saying that very soon, they would rise up to hold him accountable to his words.
Dokubo recalled that three Ijaw kings went on exile because of Biafra with two of them dying there, stressing that the Niger Delta people and the Igbo had been brothers right from time.
Uwazuruike, who spoke earlier, said this year’s Biafra Day was significant as Dokubo came to join force with him in the Biafra struggle.
“Asari Dokubo has been here since two days because of this occasion,” he said, pointing out that before he formed MASSOB in 1999, he had gone to the Niger Delta region to solicit their support.



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  1. I Want the world to look into biafra the easten part of nigeria problem cos there is no time biafra will be under nigeria. British and American let biafra be. You diveded Sudaness into two part but since 1960 till now the people that is rulering nigeria is the same people. Biafra is a big and peaceful people and well educated people. Gen. Yakub gowno you are a big full for fighting the people of biafra and killing my beloved brothers and sisters. The world biafra want there freedom.


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