Tinubu Regroups: Assembles New Team To Battle Buhari Administration

Na wa..ooo!
I may not be in a position to authenticate the truth behind this story. However, i must confess that from the content of this story,it is happening. Better watch out as events unfolds. I and many well meaning Nigerians saw it coming. But, come to think of it,  for how long will these self serving politician continue to take Nigerians for a ride.
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Alhaji Bola Tinubu

The die appears set for the All Progressive Congress [APC] as the fractionalization of the ruling party seem to have begun with only months into the Buhari administration. Information available to 247ureports.com obtained from sources within the APC top echelons indicate that the top boss of the APC, Alhaji Bola Tinubu may have turned away from the Buhari administration to form an opposition group to battle the Buhari led APC.

Reeling from the string of embarrassing loses at the national assembly, the strong man of south west politics, Bola Tinubu is reported to have withdrawn from the battle for supremacy within the APC – and has returned to the drawing board to strategize against the raging whirlwind from the northern elements within the APC. A reliable source indicated that Bola Tinubu who is known to have the natural gift of hatching political strategy has chosen to initiate a stiff underground opposition against the Buhari administration.

Our source revealed that Tinubu has opened talks with political leaders within the southwest concerning the changing political climate in Abuja which he depicts as unfavorable to the southwestern region. Tinubu is reported to impress on them that the Buhari administration should be shunned and rejected by the southwest block in the same manner the Abacha administration was rejected. Tinubu pointed to the refusal of President Buhari to honor agreements reached during the APC presidential primaries – where Tinubu ensured that Mohammadu Buhari won.

Part of the agreement reached, according to the source, was for the President to allot nine [9] lucrative ministerial position to Bola Tinubu – and to assist/support him ascend to the top seat the Board of Trustees in the APC. According to the source, Buhari’s body language has showed unwillingness to honor the agreement.

Tinubu is reported to be livid over Buhari’s stance on the happenings within the national assembly chambers. Tinubu suspects that Buhari’s silence may be due to sinister reasons. “He suspects that Buhari may have a hand in it” said the source who went on to add that Tinubu expected Buhari to call the lower and upper chambers to order – as the leader of the party. “But he did not”.

Along with opening talks with political leaders in the southwest, the Jagaban of Lagos has begun recruiting of media professionals to set up opposition machinery against the Buhari administration.

A meeting was held recently in Paris with political leaders and top media professionals at the home of a top Nigerian business mogul – where Tinubu was reported to have presented his agenda on how to ‘face’ the Buhari led administration.

Our source indicated that Tinubu made it clear that the longterm goal of assembling the team was to carve out a new political party out of the APC – in time for the next presidential election in 2019. Tinubu has come to accept that he has lost total control of the APC and its structures. “The northern elements in the APC have taken over the party” said the source.

However in talking with the spokesperson for the APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, he was quick to deny that Tinubu was setting up an opposition machinery. He told 247ureports.com that the story was “bunking”.

Source: 247UReport