(Video) Is This Woman A Genetic Remnant of Ancient Giants?

4c581b612badbb39039b49d51f826c32As a boy, whenever I was caught looking at a tall girl, my father would tell me, “Nose to nose your toes is in it… toes to toes your nose is in it.”  He’s a strange man any way you look at it.  Some might call them freaks, others may say they are the Biblical Nephilim, while still others just see particularly tall people.  Me?  I just see particularly tall people.  Yet, something in the back of my mind itches to know… why?  Supposing that there was an ancient race of giants (we can call them the Nephilim… it’s as good as any other label), even Father Gregor Mendel’s very rudimentary work in genetics in the 1800’s suggests that sooner or later those genes will come out.

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