Buhari set to grant amnesty to Boko Haram and reverse anti-gay Law after visit to Obama.

The story going round now is that the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari may be considering amnesty for the Boko Haram Insurgents. I dont see anything wrong with such proposal provided it leads to the stoppage of the killings.

However Nigerians must rise up against any slightest hint aimed at reversing the Anti Gay law in Nigeria.

According to Future9ja reports reproduced below these two proposals may form the major agenda of the presidents meeting with the president of the USA in the coming week as he visits Obama.


Nigerians should expect amnesty for the most dreaded blood sucking demons in the Country called Boko Haram, soon. This is Nigeria, anything is possible. Very soon the politicians would come up with names like; “Reintegration, Rehabilitation, Restitution” etc, all in the bid of granting “Amnesty” to their friends (Boko Haram) which they’ve been using to cause chaos in some parts of the Country. From the body language of President Buhari, this would be one of his main agenda as he visits the White House to work out modalities with his boss, President Obama next week. As we can see, President Buhari’s kids glove treatment in fighting the Boko Haram animals is a calculated attempt to granting them amnesty by calling for peace talks with them soon.

The suspected strategy to be adapted would be; the FG will face the Boko Haramites head-on as soon as President Buhari and his crew are back from their pleasure trip to America. Whilst the FG starts deceiving Nigerians by bombing empty spaces and flooding the internet with old pictures of bomb scenes, the Boko boys will then beg the FG for peace talks through some of their sponsors.

First of all, we had expected war on those animals (Boko Haram) by the Nigerian Government ever since, rather the President is only interested in playing politics with his party (the APC) at the detriment of the lives of millions of Nigerians. Also, it is suspected that President Obama will force President Buhari to reverse the anti-gay law in Nigeria. We see all these coming to fruition soon.

This is to inform Nigerians to be prepared for the worse all in the name of politics. President Jonathan was weak in fighting this menace, but President Buhari appears to have channeled all his attention on petty issues instead. We agree that we all have to support President Buhari to succeed, but he should not betray the trust of Nigerians. So far we are yet to be impressed by his actions on most issues. The same idiots that killed the Jonathan’s Government by ill-advising Jonathan are still advising and clustering around Buhari.

We want this Country to move forward irrespective of who is steering the wheel. Please, Nigerians should resist President Buhari on these two key issues should he come up with them.

Say No to Gayism in Nigeria and No to amnesty for Boko Haram.