Why men don’t ‘toast’ me –Nollywood star, Stella Damasus

For effervescent Nollywood screen diva and songstress, Stella Damasus, the past is in tomb while her future is in God’s womb. She believes that thinking about her past mistakes is like going back to her mother’s womb.

The single mother who recently signed a multi-million-naira fashion label contract with a USA based “SDA Collection” as the Brand Amabassdor of Amvictorious in a recent chat affirmed that men don’t always toast her, she voiced her conviction thus: “They call me old layer now, since I’m not among the hottest and freshest actresses around. They have those they run after now.”

The Owerri born actress further disclosed that she would soon hit the market shelves with her own album.


There are certain things I don’t like to talk about. But the truth is, I only look out for things that will benefit me in the long run. And one of the things that puts me off from some of these contracts is the  attachment of a time frame.
I’m involved in a lot of things. I’ve just finished the final audition for my foundation: Stella Damasus Art Foundation where I am offering a three-month training for talented young Nigerians free of charge in the areas of acting and singing.”
I’ve also just finished auditioning applicants for the second session. I did the first session last year, and I have graduated some people.  I also have a new company, which is based in Abuja. We are doing a lot of things ranging from organising seminars to producing movies.
We organised a seminar in Cameroon recently , and after the seminar, we decided to make a movie for the people to see how quality movies are done. We are currently editing the movie titled: “The Unspoken”. It will be out very soon.
I am also doing a documentary now, which is very dear to my heart. And when it commences I will let the press know about it. My new deal with Amvictorious took a lot of my time . We had series of  meetings and consultations. The company is planning to set up a branch in Abuja. All these things took a lot of my time.
At the moment, I’m a columnist with PM News. I make sure that I write my column every Wednesday in PM News.
I’m trying to be the best I can be in whatever that I’m doing.
“I’ve done three movies that are yet to hit the market. I did “Behind Close Doors” Part 3 and 4”. I shot the movie about three years ago.
I don’t know why it has not been released into the market up till now.  I also did “Bent Arrows” a  Lancelot Imasuen production which is yet to be released too. And recently, I did “Two Bride and a Baby” by Blessing Effiong,”. The premiere has been done at the cinemas.”
The most important thing is not about flooding my face in movies that would make me a better person. Within this period, I went back to school to study acting in the UK. In fact, I’m actually going back there very soon.
I want to improve on my acting skill and my diction. I must continue to avail myself of the opportunity of being retrained.
Recently too my production company did a 13 episode TV Show called “Changing Life”, showing on AIT, OSTV, UK and Ghana. Soon we will begin airing it in Canada.
Right now, I’ll soon start shooting the second season of the show as well.
When you have all these projects in front of you, I need time to sort out  my life, business and my children.
My first daughter is going to be thirteen, in August, while my second daughter will be ten too. I  need time to stay with my children. I want to be part of their growing up.
I take out  a few months in a year, do the things I need to do, and go back to tender my children. I try not to expose them to the public, until they have come of age and decide what to do with their lives. Whether they want to become stars like their mum, is left to them. Paying attentions to my kids is very important to me. That is why I’m not so particular about featuring in movies nowadays.
Not really. My music is not suffering. I’m not a recording artiste, but I own a band and I still do my live performances. I don’t go to night clubs to perform, instead I perform at weddings, product launching, naming ceremonies and all that. You might not see me on screen doing music, because I’m concentrating on my band now.”
For the past one year, I have been working on my own songs, trying to arrange them well because after over 15 years in the industry, my fans are expecting something good from me.
“I have to be careful not to come out with something that will not meet their  expectations. And before the end of the year and by God’s grace I will drop two singles.”
I don’t ever regret anything that I have done or gone through. They are all part of my working experiences. I like the pace at which my career have gone.  And if after 17 years of being in an industry and  I’m still so relevant that people still believe in me and want me to endorse their products, then, it means that God dictates my pace.  I can’t run faster than my legs can take me.”
“Since I surrendered myself and my career to God, He’s been able to order my steps. I’m not allowed to be everywhere. I’m only at places where I have to be attended to. I don’t have any regret at all. I’m happy the way my career has turned out. I’m happy with the pace with which I’m going.”
If you have asked me this question ten years ago, I would have answered it. But  after more than 17 years in the industry, I don’t bother anymore.”
They call me old layer now, since I’m not among the hottest and freshest actresses around. They have those they run after now.
I’ve been able to carry myself in the industry in such a way that God has been providing for me and my children.
“So, I don’t succumb to male’s  advances because of money or fame. The small fame that God has given to me, I’m contented with it.”
I love Jesus. I’m in love with Jesus and He loves me so, more than anything else  in this  world. I’m happy.”
Culled From The Daily Post

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