APC crisis far from over, war still on  

President Muhammadu Buhari has gradually come to be referred to as “Baba go slow” over a perceived slow-paced style of governance.

After 30 days in office, Buhari appears overwhelmed by the lingering All Progressives Congress, APC, National Assembly crisis, which continues to gradually eat up the party.

Buhari on Friday, at the first National Executive Council emergency meeting of the APC after its victory at the polls, cried out that the APC had “won the battle, but lost the war.”

He said “APC has won the battle and lost the war which is a paradox of democracy and we shall see how we shall manage it.”

The strings that pulled the APC together before the last general election seem to be falling apart. The euphoria of the won battle has disappeared barely one month of wresting power from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The “won battle” can safely be seen as the kicking out of Former President Goodluck Jonathan.

      “As for me as a President, I have to clearly understand the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Constitution of APC, and having tried three times and lost three times and successfully ending up at the Supreme Court.

“I think I have tasted the bitter disappointments and the sweetness of success,” Buhari said during the NEC meeting.

Buhari, had hailed Jonathan’s decision to concede victory to him after the presidential poll, a situation he said changed the course of Nigeria’s political history for good.

Speaking at the Presidential Villa, after receiving the outgoing Government’s handover notes, Buhari acknowledged that Jonathan had the powers to dispute the polls and “make things difficult” but did not. Indeed the APC won the battle.

30 days after Buhari’s inauguration, he has now acknowledged that the ruling APC had lost the war that started long before June 9.

Bukola Saraki a member of the defunct newPDP, joined the APC with several other dissatisfied members of the PDP, 9 months after the formation of the APC.

At the point of his defection to the party, the APC had successfully navigated the dangerous waters of the merger and the eventual registration, with Saraki not playing any significant role openly to that effect.

Many political observers have tagged the Senate President a selfish ingrate, for disregarding a party he did not help to form but remains desperate to reap from.

Backed by minority Senators of the APC and those of the PDP, who earlier endorsed him, Saraki emerged President of the Senate, against Senator Ahmed Lawan who was the choice of the party.

The same happened in the House of Representatives were Yakubu Dogara was thrown up as the Speaker as against the APC choice candidate, Femi Gbajabiamila.

To the APC, it was an insult for the duo who were not part of the founding process of the party, to override its decision, a point General Buhari stressed when gave a brief history of how the party was formed.

      “Along the line, I assure you that nothing is done by impulse in our process to merger.

“There have been various committees, quite a number of you sitting here have been members of committees either leading them or being a member and we agreed.

“At some stage or the earlier stages, we agreed that nine people should form the interim committee, that the national chairmen of the parties, the secretaries and the treasurers. We thought we have done a wonderful work, so we sent our application.

“ For the first time in this sixteen or twelve years of my participating actively , I thanked INEC for what they did to us; they sent back our application and said we must have 25 to 35 people to manage your interim if you get registration, and they must come from all the geo political zones.

“ Why I thanked INEC in particular was because if it has been bloody minded, again ladies close your ears, if they have been bloody minded, they would have kept on raging until it was almost too late for us to get the merger.

“So they advised us and we sat down, we got I think 35 people to manage us and they I here personally, and on behalf of you now congratulate Chief Bisi Akande, it’s a pity he is not here, he led the interim party with dexterity and integrity. I respect his patriotism.

“When we got the APC name through the agreement of various committees of the respective parties, we started working from polling unit upwards; eventually we ended up in the convention which gave us the leadership of the party.’’

According to Buhari, he had appealed to the warring factions to embrace party supremacy but his words fell on deaf ears.

    “I have already addressed you through the chairman, through the leadership of the party, through your excellencies, the governors and through our Senators and House of Representatives members.”

As at Saturday, Saraki and the APC claimed to have settled the issues rocking the party, but observers believe its more a case of wishful thinking.

Saraki issued a statement saying the party had resolved the crisis, but the body language at the briefing looked far from the case.

The sitting arrangement at the NEC meeting shows that Saraki who has already picked the principal office holders, was marooned at the left hand side of Buhari.

Dogara was sitting at the President’s right hand probably because the election of the House of Representatives principal office holders is yet to come.

Conventionally, Saraki, number 3 in the chain of command ought to sit at the President’s right hand since the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo was absent.

For the NEC meeting to end without the ruling APC reading out a communiqué followed by the President leaving before the end of the meeting shows that all is not well.

“The war of governance as been lost the party is imploding instalmentally. Impunity in all facets of life has increased. Buhari is still running the government solo, in the manner of a military dictator, contrary to the provisions of the Constitution which compels him to have Ministers.

      “There is despondency and hopelessness everywhere, with the government exhibiting no real sense of direction, mission or vision. The ship of state appears rudderless and directionless, with his ruling APC party still talking and behaving tough as if it is still in the opposition.

“Corruption, which has become the 37th State of Nigeria and the wealthiest at that, is not climbing down from its imperious monstrous height. Rather, it is waxing stronger and becoming more and more endemic, lavishing the weak fiber of the Nigerian society with reckless abandon and impunity. Corruption now mocks all of us with utmost derision.

“The bi-camera National Assembly is in turmoil with no presidential intervention to save Nigeria’s hard earned democracy. Nigeria appears to be wobbly, groggy, fumbling and near prosaic.” A human rights Activist Mike Ozekhome stated.

“Does that mean that indeed that APC has lost the war?”Ahmadi Sanni queried.

“APC was only prepared for the battle without preparing for the war.”

Source: Post Nigeria