READ The Letter Pius Anyim Wrote Goodluck Jonathan

 I found this on facebook. This post by Ena Ofugara sends a message to many of our past and present day politicians. Many of them will bury their faces in shame after reading this post. Thank you my friend Ena.
Ena Ofugara

This is the Pius Anyim that OBJ could not work with.
Read the letter of thanks to a boss that may never be able to employ you again.
Anyim and GEJ are almost peers. Anyim has been Senate President, the Office Saraki is ready to die over. Yet see how he speaks to a man who was his boss and now his peer.

Yes Anyim can say ” when I was Senate President GEJ was mere deputy governor.” however humility begets humility and between these two men Pius Anyim and Goodluck Jonathan, somewhere there true friendship has grown.

I am searching for a letter of thanks to Obasanjo.

  • Preye Eneyi Assholes will say otherwise.
  • Mami Okojie Ena how do compare refined and educated people with Illitrate animals
  • Irene Tenny-Dudu Thank you Pius Anyim. Thank you GEJ.
  • Anderson Enenetuei This letter from Pius Anyim, elucidates the essence of the man GEJ. Pius Anyim, has shown himself a real man. The letter was not written for pecuniary gains clearly, as can be seen from the date on the letter. GEJ had “lost” the election already so Anyim could not have written this letter for any other reason but out of genuine respect & appreciation. Bravo Pius Anyim, eternal respect GEJ.
  • Ben Odjegba GEJ is in deed Phd in character and learning. Pius is also a very humble man
  • Luqman Bello Without any iota of doubt, Pius Anyim is one of the most humble contemporary politicians in Naija.
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Credit: Facebook @ Ena Ofugara