The ONE Detail About This Flag Shitter’s Past She Hopes You Don’t Find Out

The Flag Shitters campaign went viral a few days back. What this campaign is all about is more of a vexed issue, For a group of American to turn against their country with this venomous hate campaign call for questions on the American society and as a country. Caution, caution!!!

Read on, Try to make sense out of these all.

You may have seen this idiot’s picture making the rounds on Facebook over the past several days, after she launched her campaign to “Shit On America.” The woman, Sierra McGrone, who goes by the name “Nocturnus Libertus” on social media, promised to defecate on the United States flag for a small donation of $6.00.


But the stupidity of this particular disgruntled twat didn’t start on July 10th when she launched her deplorable campaign, but originated back in April 2015 when she started the #ericsheppardchallenge movement, where like-minded idiots nation-wide began crawling out the woodwork to stomp on the American flag in the name of “freedom of speech.”ScreenHunter_1623-Jul.-10-17.35

Although McGrone is quick to shit on our flag and everything it represents, there’s just one detail that this idiot doesn’t want you to know: She is a former Soldier who is now collecting a nice little retirement check from her service in the military.

That’s right, YOUR TAX DOLLARS are supporting this America-hating defecator!!!!!


It is apparent that this one-time Soldier that swore an oath “support and defend the Constitution,” and wore the same flag on her right shoulder in defense of this country, has now traded that service for #FuckYoFlag and #NotMyflaghashtags.

Obviously the “oppression” this woman speaks of is complete bullshit, as she was able to have a full military career, retire, and draw retirement for the rest of her life.  One would think that with all of the time this woman spent in the Army, that she would have learned something about the history of our flag. But in her efforts to become popular on social media, facts and history have completely escaped her small little mind.

Sure, she has the freedom to say what she wants, but there is just one small detail that this panty-waste is missing from her movement, which is summed up nicely in a video I compiled below.