How Passion For Work Affects Your Life

“when you do what you love every day, success is inevitable”

Figuring out what you love is the most important decision of your life because it determines everything else. If you enjoyed work so much that you came home with energy and love, what would your family life be like? Would you sleep better? Your entire life would probably be happier.

So it’s important. Because when you do what you love every day, success is inevitable. Persistence through hardship, difficulty, ridicule, and doubt is really difficult. But when you honestly love what you do, you’re suddenly not fighting for success. Instead you’re just doing what you enjoy. And whether money or fame or prosperity comes from that, you’ll be happy. And what else is there?

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” I think it’s easy to worry (actually I know it is) that what you want to do in life won’t produce the income you need or desire. But at the end of your life, what will you remember: how happy your life was, or all of the money you made? Don’t worry. Have faith in yourself. When you do what you love the money will come – IRRATIONAL LIVING,LLC