FRANKLIN GRAHAM: Nearly 500k People Just ‘Liked’ What Graham Said About ‘Caitlyn Jenner’

Well spoken Graham. Hope, Great hope that there are still in America men with balls to speak out….. Tell the truth. What is courageous for a 65 year old man turning himself to Sissy…… Idleness, repulsive to say the least.

What is happening to America!!! 

People are afraid to speak the truth because of business interest… That is what all these hypocrisies are. Fear, fear. Hey Come clean Americans. Stop promoting evil. God never make mistakes…..He created all man and woman!!!

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Franklin Graham just called out ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner’s ESPY award in the most awesome way.

“Caitlyn Jenner is being honored with the ESPN ESPY Award for courage? I find this hard to swallow after spending time with wounded military veterans and their spouses with Operation Heal Our Patriots—they are true heroes and their lives define courage. Some have had 30 or 40 surgeries, not to change their gender, but to try to put their bodies back together after defending our country. And to recognize the very confused Caitlyn Jenner as a hero before the entire world? Give me a break. If you want an example of real courage, it’s when Jesus Christ willingly allowed Himself to become your sin and died in your place on the cross—the Righteous One for the unrighteous.”

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